If One Social Network Should Accidentally Fall, There’ll Be One Social Network Sitting On The Wall…

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SO. Google Plus is shutting down. There was a software flaw that apparently exposed a heap of user data of up to 500,000 people. I didn’t know that many people used Google Plus.

Fascinating that when faced with a software flaw they just figure they’ll throw the whole thing out.

“Should we fix it?”

“Nah – just chuck it.”

I’ve done that with a $10 toaster before, but not a social network. I guess the Google execs finally realised the value that everyone else thinks Google Plus is worth.

For context, Facebook’s Cambridge Analytica foible affected between 30 -87 million users and arguably changed the course of history.

Last week’s Facebook hack affected at least a further 50 million users.

Zuck ain’t shutting that thing down. Zuck is doing swimmingly. Google Plus is not.

Google’s attempt at a Facebook alternative is a classic example of doing everything right, and still getting it wrong. It’s a beautiful interface, is a pleasure to use, is fast but is a complete ghost town. What went wrong?

If you want to read more about the data breach, then have a read on SBS.

See you all soon, somewhere, but not on Google Plus.

PS: We do actually have a Google Plus account…here.