Student Story – Laura (Advertising Account Director)

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Laura from DRM
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Ten years ago, Laura had the idea she wanted to build a website. She watched a few YouTube videos and was underwhelmed with what she saw being taught. She thought she would have the same experience at a face-to-face workshop.

Laura is an Account Director for Direct Response Media (DRM), a Melbourne based advertising agency.

“The workshop was way more detailed than I thought it would be. I really liked the analogies Sam used and it was so good to get an overview of how it all works”.

After attending Meeum’s HTML & CSS Fundamentals workshop, Laura was immediately able to make changes to the DRM website and share her learnings with the wider fifteen plus DRM team.

“I learnt about ALT text, now all the images on our site have descriptors. I learned about SEO keywords and added these to improve our search engine rankings”.

Laura provided training for the rest of her team around the importance of accessibility for their clients.

“The class with Meeum was just so fun! To see Sam do some code, to do it myself and then see how to make more things happen was awesome. It was just so cool to be able to do that”.

Laura plans to continue her code learning and is looking forward to bringing more code-related skills into her everyday work.

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