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Sam teaching students on their laptops

Website on a Weekend (WoaW) is Meeum’s two-day intensive web building workshop.

As is obvious from the title, it’s always held on a weekend.

🤷 Why?

Because Website on a Monday and Tuesday (WoaMaT?) just ain’t as catchy. 🤔

Seriously though, we’ve had a lot of requests for longer form weekend workshops, and what the people want, we bring.

The short of it:

You don’t need to spend tens of thousands of dollars to create a functional and high-quality website.

In our workshop, you’ll create your own website which will feature maps, image gallery, multiple layouts and so much more.

It will be coded to be accessible (which means usable AND user-friendly for everyone) with solid SEO-winning code, so Google will love it too.

And you’ll gain the skills to add, edit and maintain it for the future.

This workshop is perfect for business owners, digital professionals and anyone wanting more understanding of how website code works.

The final site you produce can be easily modified with your own colours, images and details to make it your own business site, portfolio, artist site, or whatever you need it to be.

You know what else? To have this type of site built by a web developer, you’d be looking at 5x or 10x the price of a workshop with us.


We also offer discounted one-on-one tutorial time for attendees of this workshop should you want an extra hand after the workshop to work on your dream website/s.

Want to see what we create in just one weekend? https://meeum.github.io/website-on-a-weekend/.

How about taking a look at Of Light and Lens Photography – a website built by a former Website on a Weekend attendee. It’s pretty great, don’t you think?

Want in? Of course, you do!

Tickets are available from https://www.meeum.com/workshops/two-day-code/#tickets

Still hungry to learn more? Read on…

The long of it:

Learning to code isn’t always about becoming a coder.

You’ve no doubt heard us say that one before. We say that because it’s true.

You can learn to change the oil on your car and not be a mechanic.

We’re sure the business owners among us know how to enter receipts into Xero and have no desire to be an accountant.

Just like those examples, a little bit of knowledge can go a long way to save you countless hours and dollars over time.

Give me the top line

Sure thing.

HTML & CSS are the base of every website.

Do you know what else? It doesn’t matter whether you use Shopify, WordPress, Squarespace or hand code everything yourself, every platform relies on these languages too.

In short, to be able to build and/or edit a website, you need to know these basics.

Drag and drop tools are fine if you’re happy for your website to look like everyone else’s.

Testimonial break

Here are a few words from Viv, a graphic designer from Melbourne:

“I was lucky enough to do Meeum’s Website on a Weekend course and I have to say it was amazingly comprehensive.

Sam’s knowledge is exceptional and he is a wonderful teacher.

I came away with a great understanding of how a website is put together and the fundamentals of coding. As a graphic designer, this is such valuable and useful knowledge.

Thanks Sam! Would recommend to everyone.

What will I build?

Not only do we cover HTML and CSS in depth, we also delve into Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Accessibility, JavaScript, version control and best practice principles among other things.

This is a project-centred course, which means you leave with a real product, not just random papers scribbled with notes.

The result is a beautifully designed multi-page website, incorporating image galleries, audio, video, subscription form (connected to MailChimp) and much, much more.

It is hosted via GitHub pages, which makes it viewable from anywhere.

The concepts and the way the class is taught make it very easy for you to swap out content, images and a few code variables to make the site your very own design.

We truly are so proud of the final site that every student leaves with at the end of the weekend.

If you want to take a sneak peek at what every student completes, you can do so right here.

Give me some buzzwords

Ok, so the above is all well and good, but what about some buzzwords that I can wrap my (or my boss’) head around to say “Whoa! This is incredible!

Sure thing. We go into great detail on a lot of topics, so it’s not just a codefest, but an interesting weekend of learning some very cool and relevant stuff.

Over the course of two days, this is just a snippet of the things you’ll learn.

  • Hand code HTML & CSS
  • Create a living style guide
  • Mobile first design
  • Responsive code so your site looks amazing on any device
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and accessibility techniques so your site is viewable to everyone, and Google
    loves you too
  • Linking to websites, as well as links to email addresses, phone numbers and sms numbers for mobile
  • Embedding images, audio and video into your site
  • Version control using Git to store your site on GitHub and display it using GitHub pages
  • Semantic code
  • Custom typography utilising Google Fonts
  • CSS animations
  • Techniques for writing performant and concise code
  • Set up and integration of MailChimp subscription form for your mailing list
  • Embedding maps into your site
  • Learn about cross-browser testing and ways of dealing with older browsers
  • Understand the process that goes into prepping and building a site, so that if you do work with an external
    developer, you can save huge amounts of time and money because you know what to expect

And a few more in-depth buzz words for those who like ’em (we know you’re out there):

  • Styling via type attributes
  • CSS custom properties
  • JavaScript polyfills
  • Relative, absolute, sticky and static positioning
  • Grid and Flexbox layouts
  • JavaScript image gallery
  • DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) coding
  • Inheritance, child elements and nesting

Are you not impressed?

Who should do Website on a Weekend?

Previous Website on a Weekend students have included Business Owners, Graphic Designers, Digital Marketers, IT Project Managers, School Teachers and University Students among many others.

Heck, we’ve even had Directors of HR, Anaesthetists and Glass Artists along to Meeum workshops.

Anyone who has even a passing interest in web development will gain a huge amount from this workshop.

Testimonial break

Alison is a Social Media Manager from Canberra. This is what she had to say in a Facebook review after completing Website on a Weekend:

“Loved the Website in a Weekend course I did recently with Sam from Meeum.

It was a fast-paced, jam-packed course and I came away both super motivated and have learned SO much.

Sam is an excellent teacher and made time to answer all questions and help students with issues, and the resources they provided were (and will be) fantastic as I put it all into practice.

Can’t wait for the next courses offered in my area – I have and will definitely recommend to others wanting coding and web development courses. 😊👌”

She was so impressed with the workshop that she also told us this in the wrap-up survey:

I was just really impressed – you’ve really put so much thought into course content and delivery.

Shucks. 🤗

When and where is Website on a Weekend?

Website on a Weekend workshops are held regularly in most cities we travel to.

These are the upcoming workshops:

There don't seem to be any upcoming workshops in this category. Check back soon or join our mailing list.

If your city isn’t listed, please get in touch and let us know you’re interested in attending.

The workshops are fully catered, with continuous coffee, tea and snacks (and the lunches are amazing).

Testimonial break

Here’s one more testimonial from Rob in Melbourne, who was one of the first WoaW students when we introduced the workshop in 2018:

It was really good. Sam de-mystified coding and made it accessible to a Luddite like me.

Frankly, that’s amazing.

It was also well organised and presented impeccably. The location was smart. The food was good.

Attending this workshop was a fantastic experience.

Sam answered every question with grace, simplicity and absolute competence demonstrating his mastery in the field.

Anyone can do this

At Meeum, we believe that coding is for everyone. Our mission is getting you started in programming in the best possible way.

We are passionate about teaching the foundations of web development, teaching it well and giving you the confidence to take it where you want.

We don’t make things complicated when they can be easily understood. This is a world, a skill-set and an opportunity that is open to everyone.

We’re ready to get you started, we’re serious about how a little bit of code knowledge can go a long way.

Start something

Even if you’re not a Designer, Marketer or Business Owner (or Anaesthetist), we have no doubt you have an idea ticking away at the back of your mind that you’d just love to build a website for.

Get into it. Even if you feel that Website on a Weekend may be a little too much commitment, that’s fine. Take a look at some of our shorter workshops, and then decide on whether this is something to pursue.

The point is, JFDI. The time to start on this is now.

Waiting is simply a waste of time.

And lastly, but not leastly, let’s hear from Katie, a business owner from Canberra who attended Website on a Weekend:

I just really loved the chance to explore something that I always thought I wasn’t smart enough to do.

Turns out? I totally have this.

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