How To Code a Website

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The workshop at a glance

This three-hour workshop introduces you to the wide world of web development.

This workshop is aimed at people who have zero experience with coding.

Perfect for Small Business owners, School Teachers, hobbyists, bloggers, artists, designers and anyone curious about the wide and wonderful world of building websites.

We are passionate about teaching the foundations of coding, teaching it well and giving you the confidence to take it where you want.

We don’t make things complicated when they can be easily understood. This is a world, a skill-set and an opportunity that is open to everyone.

We’re ready to get you started, we’re serious about how a little bit of code knowledge can go a long way.

This is a practical workshop where you will hand code your own webpage, so don’t forget your laptop!

Anyone can do this.

Some of what we’ll cover

  • The building blocks of the internet and how web pages work

  • Pull apart HTML and see what it all means

  • Write CSS to change how our HTML looks in the browser

  • Introduction to SEO and Accessibility and how well they complement each other

  • And heaps more!

For more information, workshop outlines etc, head to the How To Code a Website homepage.


If you or your organisation would prefer to pay via bank transfer or another method, please email us.