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Are you running a business that needs to rank higher on Google?

Whether you’re new to SEO or just want to brush up on your skills, Meeum’s ‘How to do your own SEO’ is the workshop for you.

Three hours of expert knowledge, exercises as well as pages of tips, tricks and tools to help you get your business to the top of Google.

Sunday Nov 24 at the Brunwsick Mechanics Institute, 2pm – 5pm.

Here’s just some of what we’ll run through:


✔️ How to write better copy that Google will rank

✔️ How to find out what your customers are searching for on Google

✔️ Tools and techniques to help rank higher than your competitors

✔️ Tips on technologies and strategies that your competitors probably aren’t using

✔️ Explanations and examples of a host of free tools you can start using straight away


We’ll guide you through SEO, demystify the jargon and explain the field in a user-friendly way so you can leave the workshop empowered by your new knowledge.

And you know what else? We cover ALL the SEO sides – not just the popular one to do with keywords and copywriting.

Everything we teach has proven success within the fields of SEO and Marketing.

Whether you’re keen to get your hands dirty with SEO or want to hire someone to help you do it – this workshop will give you the confidence to do either.

For more information, workshop outlines etc, head to our SEO workshop homepage.

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