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Non-technical (non-digital, non-web-savvy, whatever your language) entrepreneurs can feel on the back foot when it comes to launching and scaling business.

Meeum has developed a program to change that.

What is Tech for Non-Tech Founders?

As a founder, you are your business’s most valuable asset.

Tech is an important piece of the puzzle to help you get where you want to be.

The Tech for Non-Tech Founders program is designed to support creatives, makers, entrepreneurs and founders without a tech background to make the most of tech in their business.

In a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment you will be supported to learn and grow your digital and technical fluency.

What will be covered in Tech for Non-Tech Founders?

This program acknowledges the crucial importance of tech knowledge for all founders, regardless of product or service.

Yet, so many founders can feel locked out of its benefits or intimidated by the whole concept.

We will cover theory and practice and share how to best get set-up, improve your tech, empower yourself, engage with tech professionals and remove barriers to growth.

Subject areas include:

  • Popping the tech mystique – covering all the buzzwords and acronyms and where they fit.

  • Prototype, design, deliver and repeat – design tools, creation tools, digital creation deep dives.

  • Customers, markets and user experience – acquisition tools, tracking, analytics and growth.

  • Get social – no more platform overwhelm, play to your strengths.

The value of this program

  • Learn the jargon and put it in its place.

  • Know how to articulate your vision or idea and the best digital tool to get you there.

  • Demystify the things that can be a roadblock.

  • Hold your own when speaking to people in tech.

  • Know if and why to partner or share equity.

And so much more…

Visit the Tech for Non-Tech Founders workshop homepage for more details.

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