Refer your friends to Meeum workshops

Referral Rewards for past Meeum students

Thanks for your support. We really appreciate it and are humbled that so many of our students are via word-of-mouth. That’s why we’ve done this – so we can make sure you’re rewarded for recommending and trusting us.

As with everything in life that involves money, there need to be a few conditions. We’re a pretty relaxed bunch, so if there’s something here that doesn’t sit well with you, just let us know and we can conversate.

This trial will run for all workshop bookings up until 30 June 2019. We may re-evaluate at that point, but let’s just wait and see.


The long and short of it is that if you tell your mates to come to a Meeum workshop, then we’ll say thanks by giving you cash money.

The longer version

For the purposes of this little bit, ‘referrer’ is you, ‘Meeum’ is us, and ‘the buyer’ is your mate who you’ve said ‘Meeum are grouse’ to.

  1. How to be a referrer:
    1. When you refer someone to Meeum, the buyer must put the referrer’s name and email address in the ‘How did you hear about us’ section of the order form at the time of purchase.
    2. The referrer details provided by the buyer must contain the email address the referrer used to register for your initial Meeum workshop, otherwise, we cannot verify that you are you.
    3. The buyer must do this at time of purchase. The referrer details cannot be added after purchase.
    4. You (the referrer) must have attended a Meeum workshop. This is non-negotiable and the most important part of this arrangement. We do not want people recommending us unless they mean it and know what they’re talking about.
  2. How much you can make?
    1. We’ll pay you 10% of whatever your referree paid, up to $100.
    2. SO. You refer someone to a $50 workshop, we’ll slip you $5.
      If you recommend someone to a $1000+ workshop, you’ll pocket $100.

      Recommend 10 people to a $1000+ workshop? Yep – that’s $1000 for you.

      Send your own staff and get dollars in your pockets.

      Ea$y money.

  3. When we will pay you
    1. We’ll pay you within 14 days of the buyer attending the workshop they’ve purchased the ticket for.
  4. How we will pay you
    1. We will pay you via bank transfer or PayPal.
    2. We’ll get in contact with you first to verify payment details etc.
    3. We’re really not too stressed on how we pay you, so if you’re local and you’d like us to meet you at a cafe and shower you in $1 coins, then we can probably do that.


I reckon that’s fairly straight forward, but if you want anything clarified, just email us on or hit us up on the contact form.