Meeum Support Teachers and Parents to learn HTML & CSS

At Meeum, we understand the challenges faced by schools, teachers and parents when it comes to keeping up with digital technologies.

Our mission is to teach the foundations of web development without the ego, with clarity and a strong sense of purpose. We are flexible, experienced and have a variety of workshops to suit everyone.

We’ve responded to a need for authentic, accessible and meaningful coding education. Face to face, supported learning in fun and non-threatening environments.

Whether you want to uncover the secrets of the universe, or you just want to pursue a career in the 21st century, basic computer programming is an essential skill to learn.

Stephen Hawking
Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist, Author

Coding is our Business

Three great reasons to learn with us.

  1. 1. We are there with you, every step of the way. We take our business seriously and we want you to leave with some seriously great skills. We keep you accountable when you choose to learn with us.
  2. 2. Our learning experience is mighty fine. There’s no stuffy conference spaces and stale pastries in the Meeum learning experience. You will be fed and watered, you will be given your best chance to learn. You’ll make great professional and personal connections.
  3. 3. At the end of it all, you will leave with real, applicable skills. Skills that support the learning of your child or students. The confidence and knowledge to model and demonstrate great learning outcomes. You receive all notes, resources and slides to use ongoing.

We come to you

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We work with schools, teachers and other professionals to design custom workshops at times and locations that suit you.

We understand that professional development opportunities don’t always line up with workshop schedules, so get in touch to discuss your needs.

Call or email – we’re friendly and would love to talk. or call Elyse on 0413 697 696

Whether we’re fighting climate change or going to space, everything is moved forward by computers, and we don’t have enough people who can code. Teaching young people to code early on can help build skills and confidence and energize the classroom with learning-by-doing opportunities.

Sir Richard Branson
Founder, Virgin Group

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Testimonials for Meeum workshops

This should be essential learning for all educators in the 21st century. It is what we need to be demonstrating and modelling to our students as achievable.

This type of workshop has so many applications that I can foresee. I would love to get a group of staff from my school to do this as a Professional Development course. Michael H
School Teacher (Melbourne)
A great start and introduction to the basics.

I had some knowledge of HTML but nothing of CSS.

Finally understanding how the two really work together was fantastic! James H
Head of Department (Brisbane)
I had a fantastic day learning the basics of HTML and CSS with a great group and knowledgeable dynamic teacher!

Exactly the kind of training teachers need to stay contemporary. Rowena H
School Teacher (Melbourne)
It was a great day. I can't wait to share everything I have learned with my students.

Caitriona W
School Teacher (Brisbane)
Excellent delivery, friendly training.

Exactly what I was looking for. Marcus N
School Teacher / Trainer (Melbourne)

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