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Here are some other lovely words sent directly to us:

I was lucky enough to get some business mentoring with Sam and Elyse.

Both are amazing people and professionals. Not only do they know what they're talking about, but they are also capable of truly listening to their mentee and providing great insightful advice.

They are humble and friendly. I could not recommend them more. Now, I feel confident in me and in the future of my business.

Thank you again Sam and Elyse, wish you all the best.

Business Mentoring client

I can first hand 100% recommend @meeum for these Business Mentoring sessions through VCCI 🙌

Sam was brilliant! He helped get me on track with my start-up, build my confidence and the feedback he provided after each session was invaluable! 👏

I am forever grateful Sam! 🙏

Business Mentoring client

I cannot stress enough how helpful I found this session.

Sam really helped tailor general technical information and techniques into achievable changes that I can make within my business and the confidence and punch I needed to start making some changes.

Business Mentoring client

I recently completed my final four business mentoring sessions with Sam. He was so approachable and generous with his knowledge.

Sam was open to exploring any topics I raised and we took a deep dive into Facebook ads, which I now feel very confident tackling!

Sam is a fantastic teacher, and I would recommend MEEUM to anyone looking for a digital upskill.

Business Mentoring client

We recently completed 4 business mentoring sessions with Sam from Meeum, covering Facebook Advertising, SEO and Website UX.

We found the sessions absolutely invaluable!! Sam is incredibly knowledgeable and wonderful to work with.

We learnt so much in our sessions, and have been able to apply these skills directly to improving our business.

Easily the best investment we have made in up-skilling for our business. We highly recommend!!

Business Mentoring client Melbourne

Elyse was a brilliant mentor; she was able to quickly grasp the nuances of my particular business and industry and give very relevant advice.

Business Mentoring client

I greatly value the work that Sam has put in helping me with not only confidence but giving me actual tools and strategies to build on the current business and shift focus without making it feel too large or disruptive.

I would have paid for the mentoring with Sam 10 times over.

Business Mentoring client

My session with Meeum (Sam) was easy to follow, catchy and full of powerful content.

Highly recommendable to those looking to learn more about digital platforms to expand their business!

Business Mentoring client Melbourne

Great working with Sam.

Really helpful with strategising my career going forward.

Business Mentoring client Melbourne

Thank you for this information and for organizing the sessions through Business Moreland. I found them to be very valuable, especially the SEO and Journey Mapping.

I’ve done quite a bit of reading on SEO on the internet, but Sam explained it in a practical way so that I understood it a lot better.

He’s a great communicator and made the zoom workshops enjoyable as well as informative.

(Business Owner) Customer Journey Mapping 101, SEO For Beginners

Thank you again, I obtained so much knowledge and am very thankful for this opportunity with my two Mentors.

Business Mentoring client

Sam was very knowledgeable, and friendly and gave me lots of great advice and tips that I can easily implement into my business now.

Business Mentoring client

Sam was very knowledgeable, motivating and helpful.

Business Mentoring client

Fabulous ideas, excellent suggestions from outside the box, confidence to move forward, motivation to be productive in this down time.

Business Mentoring client

Sam was very engaging, took the time to explain key concepts and continually related them back to my business. Very helpful and user friendly.

Business Mentoring client

Thanks Sam and Elyse for your amazing workshops.

I've taken a lot of training courses and can genuinely say that Meeum has some of the very best.

I'm a massive fan of your work and eagerly awaiting what you'll come up with next!

(Marketing Specialist) SEO For Beginners, Website on a Weekend Brisbane

Only one word...


(University Student) SEO For Beginners Adelaide

Sam was exceptional and willing to answer any and all questions throughout the session whilst also providing such a high-quality class.

The one on one session was fantastic as it enabled me to learn as much as possible in an environment where I was able to control the pace.

Sam is a fantastic educator who is very much in tune with attendees abilities, allowing to skip or go further into detail regarding different aspects of the class.

Will be back for more!

Astounded with how much was learnt in such a short amount of time.

A great quality educator makes a huge difference!

Thank you :)

(Asia Pacific Marketing Manager) One-on-One Training Melbourne

I really enjoyed it, and the sense of achievement in the workshop is really good.

Great energy from you Sam, makes it easy to stay positive especially when it is something that is way outside my comfort zone.

(Consultant) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

This workshop was awesome as an introduction to SEO.

It was well structured and well paced, with an open and friendly atmosphere that made learning enjoyable.

(Marketing Specialist) SEO For Beginners Brisbane

The big strength of the course is in the presentation.

Sam is confident, welcoming, enthusiastic and engaging. His conversational style is easy to follow for beginners but also stimulating.

Slides and visual aids relevant and easy to understand.

Course notes provided after the class for easy reference and recall are worth the fee alone.

I won't necessarily be coding my own website in the near future, but I feel much more confident that I understand coding and what it does.

(Publishing professional and freelance writer) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Brisbane

The course was a great intro and gave me tons to think about.

This was my second Meeum course.

Like the first, I found it fun, engaging and motivational.

SEO For Beginners Brisbane

The workshop contained very high-quality content, was delivered with passion and genuine desire to share the knowledge and present it in a way it becomes useful to a range of students.

This was exactly the workshop I needed for understanding the fundamentals of SEO and how this applies to website design.

(Textile Designer) SEO For Beginners Melbourne

Great session with relevant content, was definitely with the effort to attend.

Covered a lot of things that are relevant to what I need and what I was looking for.

Thank you!

(Business Owner) SEO For Beginners Melbourne

Great content, great pace, clearly explained with live examples and great progression. Reckon I will have a crack at my own website and aim to do another workshop.


(School Teacher) Website in a Day Melbourne

Thank you so much. It was a great opportunity for me to learn how coding works and what it is all about.

(Integration Aide) Website in a Day Melbourne

The teaching was outstanding, loved Sam's approach and learned more than I thought I could in a day. The balance between covering the fundamentals and more complex topics was brilliant.

Pace was swift, but I never felt like I was falling behind. Sam was very adept in keeping everyone on the same page. I felt like I gained a lot of information on the day but also felt comfortable knowing I could revise the notes after the workshop.

Loved the format, the teaching method, and curriculum, and Sam's impeccable comedic skills. Going in I was apprehensive about learning what feels like a completely new language, but by keeping everyone feeling relaxed and up to speed Sam made sure we were relaxed enough to take it all in.

The workshop is excellent value for money, I really appreciated the chance that I could afford to have this experience.

(Music media) Website in a Day Melbourne

I had such a fantastic time, who said learning is boring?

Sam you made it interactive and fun to learn.

The analogies you used made it super easy for me to understand the complex processes... look forward to attending another workshop in the future!

(Business Owner) Website on a Weekend Brisbane

I'm crappy at gushing over things, no matter how good they are.

But this course deserves a bit of gush.

(Photographer) Website on a Weekend Brisbane

It was AMAZING!!

Coding always seemed really daunting and I thought you had to be some kind of genius to do it.

Through the weekend workshop, I've picked up a lot and am ready to get out there and experiment with some code!

(University Student) Website on a Weekend Brisbane

Sam is a great teacher and his style is relaxed and conducive to learning, especially where a high amount of information is involved, which is a rare skill.

Having done the HTML & CSS Fundamentals workshop, as well as the Code A Website in a day, this workshop took me to the next level of understanding.

Very worthwhile.

(Business Owner) Website on a Weekend Brisbane

Meeum is the best way to learn and understand how websites and coding work.


(Business Owner) Website on a Weekend Brisbane

Great workshop.

I learnt how to create a website in a day and Sam was a great teacher!

(Systems Support) Website in a Day Canberra

I just really loved the chance to explore something that I always thought I wasn’t smart enough to do.

Turns out? I totally have this.

(Business Owner, Photographer) Website in a Day, Website on a Weekend Canberra

Very informative training. I was amazed by how much we covered in 3 hours.

Sam went the extra mile to ensure everyone understood the topic.

(Engineer) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals), Website in a Day Melbourne

Great starter course, covered the basics.

Great intro to the world of coding.

(Business Owner) Website in a Day Melbourne

I've already put some of what I learnt into practice!

I've made a small website for work using Wordpress and a template. I've been able to over-ride parts of the template that aren't suitable using some of the CSS I learnt (and searching Google and Stack Overflow!)

(Librarian) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

It was a great refresher for me and now I'm keen to attend one of the longer workshops.

Great job Sam, thoroughly enjoyed the day and look forward to the next one.

(Technology Trainer) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Castlemaine

Concise, direct, accessible.

Thanks again for the informative session!

(Manager) HTML & CSS For Artists Brisbane

I now understand the relationship between HTML and CSS! (Much rejoicing over here I can tell you.) And now I understand why there are so many other files in the backend editor of WordPress and how they relate to the HTML file too.

It's strange isn't it? You can get all this info for free from t'internet, yet I gladly paid for it (and yes I probably would have paid double) and when an IRL human (not a YouTuber) took me through the steps and explained step by step, it all clicked.

Thank you very much for bringing your course to a country area.

(Business Owner) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Castlemaine

Loved the Website in a Weekend course I did recently with Sam from Meeum.

It was a fast-paced, jam-packed course and I came away both super motivated and have learned SO much.

Sam is an excellent teacher and made time to answer all questions and help students with issues, and the resources they provided were (and will be) fantastic as I put it all into practice.

Can't wait for the next courses offered in my area - I have and will definitely recommend to others wanting coding and web development courses. 😊👌

(Social Media Manager) Website on a Weekend Canberra

Thanks for being so passionate about what you do and being so willing to share your knowledge, in a way that is really accessible. It's an excellent course and I hope you get to take far and wide.

(Consultant) Website in a Day, Website Masterclass Melbourne


It was very easy to understand for a beginner like myself.

(University Student) Website Masterclass Melbourne

Excellent experience learning to code a website with Meeum over a weekend.

An intense two days that did what it meant to: immerse participants in code and get them to create a thing of beauty.

Highly recommended for ANYONE who wants to know about code.

(Marketing and Communications Manager) Website on a Weekend Canberra

As someone very new to coding, I think that the course content and structure offered a really effective and fun way to learn about creating a website from start to finish - even more than I expected going in!

In terms of what we covered and were able to achieve in only 3 days, the pace was fast but reasonable.

I loved Sam's energy, passion and generosity as a trainer/course developer- and his mission to help us become the best coders we could be. This was reflected in the breadth and depth of content covered.

The Masterclass was a thoroughly practical and enjoyable 3-day learning experience that has transformed my view of websites - from an incredibly complex, specialist domain reserved for 'tech experts' to being a much more creative and diverse shared space that really is accessible to everyone.

Sam's wealth of experience, patience and generosity as a teacher really make the difference. The course is enriched by Sam's passion for coding, and for tailoring the course to provide knowledge and skills required while inspiring us to craft logical, intuitive code that reflects industry standards and best practice. Highly recommend this course to anyone!

(Business Owner) Website Masterclass Melbourne

I used to look at HTML and CSS and feel confused and overwhelmed, now I see possibility.

I was immediately able to transform a non-responsive and visually outdated page into an on-brand, modern template that looks great on desktop and mobile.

I couldn’t have done this without your course, thank you.

(Digital Marketer) Website Masterclass Melbourne

I've always wanted to give coding a go but it seemed really hard. This workshop has shown me that ANYONE can code!

I had such a great experience and I'll definitely be coming back for more. Great class and great location

(University Student) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Brisbane

Sam was really friendly and is providing real value to his students.

The course I completed 'Fundamentals of HTML and CSS' was exactly as described.

A great introduction to the world of coding and the thought process behind basic front-end developing.

Something which seemed so foreign just 3 hours earlier, was made very simple to understand.


(Business Owner) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Gold Coast

Great teacher. Could see you actually get excited about explaining some of the stuff which was invigorating.

Was surprisingly easy to follow and being able to actually see going from something as simple as a txt file to an actual interactive page in such a short time. Hands-on made it memorable for me.

(Business Owner) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Gold Coast

Loved the learning environment created by Sam. I could tell he wanted us to enjoy ourselves and that he cared about making us feel at ease.

(Consultant) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

An exceptional introduction to the topic, passionately taught with content and a pace suitable for the curious to the dabbler. Many thanks for generously sharing your knowledge and further learning resources.

(Textile Designer) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

Very interactive workshop, perfect for people with limited/no experience-I was surprised how much I learnt in 3 hours!

Left feeling like a genius!

(Media Buyer) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

The workshop was a great introduction to the land of web and the building blocks that make a website.

I feel I have a much better understanding of how it all works and have some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS, which I can now apply to my current job.

Very beneficial and would highly recommend it.

(Customer Success Manager) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

It was interactive, learnt so much more then I thought I would and the presenter was AWESOME

(Account Director) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

It was really good. Sam de-mystified coding and made it accessible to a Luddite like me.

Frankly, that's amazing.

It was also well organised and presented impeccably. The location was smart. The food was good.

Attending this workshop was a fantastic experience. Sam answered every question with grace, simplicity and absolute competence demonstrating his mastery in the field.

(Travel Blogger) Website in a Day, Website on a Weekend Melbourne

Wonderful workshop, relaxed and fun. Great to see someone like Sam who is talented and passionate.

(Communications) Website in a Day Melbourne

Where to start! the content, the delivery, the relevancy, the lunch... Sam you were just awesome.

Well Sam as I said that day - you fulfilled one of my long-time fantasies... and that is to be able to write code. It doesn't matter that I don't want to produce a complex website, but I have always wanted to understand the "mystery" behind coding.

I was worried going in that it was past me but it really wasn't!

I enjoyed it so much, it was an empowering course for me to do.

(Business Owner) Website in a Day Brisbane

Sam awesome. Very engaging and patient.

(Client Engagement Director) Website in a Day Melbourne

Content was really good and Sam made it easy to understand!

(Recruiter) Website in a Day Melbourne

Excellent Trainer - could not get enough

(Multimedia Coordinator and Trainer) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

I had a fantastic day learning the basics of HTML and CSS with a great group and knowledgeable dynamic teacher!

Exactly the kind of training teachers need to stay contemporary.

(School Teacher) Website in a Day Melbourne

Sam was great. Witty and knowledgeable and to the point

(Business Owner) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Geelong

I totally recommend this course, not only as the best example of teaching I have seen in a long time but also because you come out with a clear set of practical skills which allow you to immediately put up a website and maintain it competently.

Sam is an incredibly competent and approachable teacher who paces his workshops well and teaches the essential elements of a good working website.

(University Lecturer) Website in a Day Adelaide

I really enjoyed the workshop. I wanted to get an introduction to basic coding so that I can add value to my graphic design clients and better manage my own websites.

I was surprised at how creative coding can be! It is not just a language of its own but I really think it's an art/design medium of its own!

I feel like I have gained enough knowledge to be able to liaise better with developers and web designers and to be able to offer more tailored services to my clients.

Sam was a great educator. Very engaging and encouraging. You can see his passion for the subject and teaching and it made for a great learning environment.

(Graphic Designer) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Geelong

Everything was taught so clearly, in simple terms for anyone to understand, and Sam was really funny.

I learnt so much at the workshop, and I've been able to use the language to talk properly to the developers for my work, as well as focus on the importance of the SEO in my websites.

The workshop also inspired me to practise coding little websites on my own.

Highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand coding for any aspect of their work.

(Digital Marketer) Website in a Day Melbourne

I thought it might be a bit boring but it was presented in a fun and engaging way.

Thanks Sam, you are a terrific teacher.

(Graphic Designer) Website in a Day Melbourne

I found it easy to understand and also fun considering I hadn't done any coding before.

Sam was fantastic and it was one of the best workshops I've done. I'm excited to get started on my own website!

(Personal Assistant) Website in a Day Melbourne

Sam is an amazing instructor who gives very clear, and very useful technical advice on how to code HTML and CSS. At the end of the workshop, one can really make their own interactive and awesome website efficiently. I highly recommended to anyone who would like to hand-code website regardless of their coding level skills, even for a person without any coding experience.

(Data Scientist) Website in a Day Adelaide

I thoroughly enjoyed it and it makes me want to learn more about coding - which is saying a lot as computers have never really interested me.

I loved the hands-on nature of the workshop - for me it is the perfect way to learn something new. I have walked away with a much better understanding of Web Development/Programming. Sam was a great teacher and would have no hesitation in attending another workshop with him.

(Recruitment State Manager) Website in a Day Adelaide

I absolutely love the skills I learnt today.

They will come in very handy when I alter code on my website and edit how I want. It’s a great skill set to have that gives me a greater appreciation of a website and how it’s made and the skill needed to create them!

Would love to come to the three-day workshop to extend on my skills learnt today!

(Business Owner) Website in a Day Adelaide

It made the complex simple

(Small Business Advisor) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

Seriously so helpful. The course was really thorough, easy to understand and the presenter’s definitions and contextual explanations / metaphors really helped me internalise the content.

I did the HTML CSS 1 day course and left with a really detailed and clear understanding of the basics of web design and development. I now have the tools to build websites free from restrictions! Thanks Meeum!

(Digital Optimisation Strategist) Website in a Day Melbourne

A great start and introduction to the basics. I had some knowledge of HTML but nothing of CSS, finally understanding how the two really work together was fantastic!

(School Teacher) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals), Website in a Day Brisbane

Wonderful class. I loved the pacing, the relaxed atmosphere where all questions were welcome. Invaluable.

(University Student) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals), Website in a Day Brisbane

Really helpful for understanding how development works. Interesting metaphors are used during the class to help those who have no knowledge of coding.

I found it an informative, well presented and interactive class. Highly recommended.

(Recruiter) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

This should be essential learning for all educators in the 21st century.

It is what we need to be demonstrating and modelling to our students as achievable.

(School Teacher) How To Code a Website (HTML & CSS Fundamentals) Melbourne

I went with no skills in CSS and the course provided a good foundation to build upon. It taught me that it was not as complex as I thought.

(Business Owner) Website in a Day Brisbane