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Here are some other lovely words sent directly to us:

I had a fantastic day learning the basics of HTML and CSS with a great group and knowledgeable dynamic teacher!

Exactly the kind of training teachers need to stay contemporary.

Rowena H, School Teacher (Melbourne)

This should be essential learning for all educators in the 21st century. It is what we need to be demonstrating and modelling to our students as achievable.

Michael H, School Teacher (Melbourne)

I went with no skills on CSS and the course provided a good foundation to build upon. It taught me that it was not as complex as I thought.

Michael S, Business Owner (Brisbane)

Really helpful for understanding how development works. Interesting metaphors are used during the class to help those who have no knowledge of coding. I found it an informative, well presented and interactive class. Highly recommended.

Houman B, Digital Recruitment Consultant (Melbourne)

Wonderful class. I loved the pacing, the relaxed atmosphere where all questions were welcome. Invaluable.

Shania, Student (Brisbane)

Excellent delivery, friendly training. Exactly what I was looking for.

Marcus N, Trainer / Teacher (Melbourne)

It was an enjoyable and effective introduction to HTML and CSS. Sam’s class confirmed my desire to work in this field.

Paul K (Brisbane)

A great start and introduction to the basics. I had some knowledge of HTML but nothing of CSS, finally understanding how the two really work together was fantastic!

Paul H, School Teacher (Brisbane)

Seriously so helpful. The course was really thorough, easy to understand and the presenter’s definitions and contextual explanations / metaphors really helped me internalise the content. I did the HTML CSS 1 day course and left with a really detailed and clear understanding of the basics of web design and development. I now have the tools to build websites free from restrictions! Thanks Meeum!

Juan M, Online Community Manager (Melbourne)

Thank you for a great course. It was fun, and has ignited a spark in me. I’ve used what I learned to make changes to my own website and I’m already investigating further study.

Katrina M (Brisbane)