Why you should choose Meeum

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Digital literacy is our business

At Meeum, we believe that understanding technology is for everyone. Whether you want to know how to update your website or understand the steps to take to rank higher in Google, that knowledge should be accessible to all.

We are passionate about teaching foundational digital skills, teaching them well and giving you the confidence to take it where you want.

We don’t make things complicated when they can be easily understood. This is a world, a skill-set and an opportunity that is open to everyone.

We’re ready to get you started.

What makes us different

We help enhance your digital literacy by providing teaching and advice without the ego, with clarity and a strong sense of purpose. Most importantly, we share how fun and rewarding gaining tech skills can be.

We mean what we say and we know what we are talking about. This is why you will hit the ground running after you come and learn with us.

Yes, technology can be scary and parts of it are really hard, but trust us (and the hundreds of previous students who have told us) that we teach in such a way that you’ll leave the room with far more knowledge and confidence than you thought possible.

One of our business values is to be accessible. That means we come to you. We do the capital city thing, but we also come to the small towns too.  Let us know if you’d like us to organise a workshop in your town.

Handmade by you

When we say we believe technology is for everyone, we mean it.

The ability to learn to code, run your own SEO or anything else in the digital sphere should not depend on whether you live in the big cities or have the fanciest computer.

You see there really is zero barrier to entry. It should not cost a lot of time or money to get started.

You don’t need expensive hardware, and much of the software is free.

Anyone can do this.