How to Code a Website

  • Learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, UX & SEO in this 3-hour workshop.
  • No prior knowledge required.
  • Together, we’ll hand-code your first website!
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What’s in it for me?

Learn the fundamentals of web development in this 3-hour hands-on intensive session. You’ll learn to code simple HTML & CSS while gaining the fundamental skills to carry your education forward.

You’ll learn best practice approaches to web development and receive a solid list of resources to keep you motivated and interested well after we finish coding together.

Bring your laptop along and together we’ll build your very first web page in no time!

What we’ll cover

Together, we’ll cover the basics of HTML and CSS, the building blocks of the internet. We’ll remove the mystery and make it real and easy to understand.

We’ll talk all about HTML and create a web page. After that we’ll add style to it with CSS, explaining every step along the way.

We’ll finish up with a fantastic list of resources for you to continue with as well as an engaging and informative Q&A session.

At a glance:

  • The building blocks of the internet and how webpages work
  • Introduction to everything HTML and CSS
  • How to write code by hand and modify the code of existing websites
  • Learn how to build and design for all device types
  • All about adding images
  • Introduction to SEO and accessibility techniques
  • Linking and all its glory
  • Techniques to use at-home when stuck on code

What you’ll leave with

  • A single-page website that you have hand-coded yourself in HTML and CSS. It will contain correctly coded images, text and headings. Your web page will follow accessibility guidelines and be SEO friendly.
  • Your own 100-page e-workbook that runs through the entire How To code a website program. Every step of the journey is mapped out in great detail so you can revise and keep your learning moving forward.

Anything else I should know?

Nope, nada, nothing and zilch!

This course is made for anyone who wants to learn something new and is geared for those who have zero experience coding.

An understanding of how computers generally work (installing software as well as opening and saving files) would be highly beneficial, but we’ll go through all that on the day anyway.

Who will love this workshop?

Business owners, creatives, hobbyists, bloggers, teachers, parents… anyone who wants to learn to code and start their learning in the best way possible.

What should I bring?

Two of the most important things we need from our students is a positive attitude and a thirst for knowledge.  We can’t give these to you on the day – you must bring them with you.

As far as technical things: Bring a laptop (Mac, PC or Linux – it doesn’t matter!)

Make sure you have the following software installed:

Testimonials for How to Code a Website

Sam was great.
Witty and knowledgeable and to the point.
Sam is a great educator. Very engaging and encouraging. You can see his passion and it made for a great learning environment.
This should be essential learning for all educators in the 21st century.
I found it an informative, well presented and interactive class. Highly recommended.
It made the complex simple.
Excellent Trainer - could not get enough
It was a great refresher for me and now I'm keen to attend one of the longer workshops.
when an IRL human (not a YouTuber) took me through the steps and explained step by step, it all clicked.
I've always wanted to give coding a go but it seemed really hard. This workshop has shown me that ANYONE can code!
Something which seemed so foreign just 3 hours earlier, was made very simple to understand.
Was surprisingly easy to follow. Being able to go from something as simple as a text file to an actual interactive page in such a short time was great
Loved the learning environment created by Sam. I could tell he wanted us to enjoy ourselves and that he cared about making us feel at ease.
An exceptional introduction to the topic, passionately taught with content and a pace suitable for the curious to the dabbler.
Very interactive workshop, perfect for people with limited/no experience-I was surprised how much I learnt in 3 hours!

Left feeling like a genius!
The workshop was a great introduction to the land of web and the building blocks that make a website.

Very beneficial and would highly recommend it.
It was interactive, learnt so much more then I thought I would and the presenter was AWESOME.
Very informative training. I was amazed by how much we covered in 3 hours.
The course notes provided after the class for easy reference and recall are worth the fee alone.
I really enjoyed it, and the sense of achievement in the workshop is really good.
Sam was exceptional and willing to answer any and all questions throughout the session whilst also providing such a high-quality class.
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