Tech for Non-Tech Founders

Entrepreneurs working at a desk.

No tech co-founder required.

We are chuffed to announce that we are launching a new program…

Tech for Non-Tech Founders!

Non-technical (non-digital, non-web-savvy, whatever your language) entrepreneurs can feel on the back foot when it comes to launching and scaling business.

We’ve developed a program to change that.

What is Tech for Non-Tech Founders?

As a founder, you are your business’s most valuable asset.

Tech is just a piece of the puzzle to help you get where you want to be.

The Tech for Non-Tech Founders program is a proud Sam Hemphill (Meeum) and PathHunting collaboration designed to support creatives, makers, entrepreneurs and founders without a tech background to make the most of tech in their business.

In a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment you will be supported to learn and grow your digital and technical fluency.

What, where and when?

The program is fully funded, thanks to LaunchVic, Meeum and PathHunting and offers two streams of support:

  1. Bookable office hours with Sam Hemphill (20 minutes per person) across March 2019 for personalised advice on tech challenges / opportunities.
  2. A two-day masterclass held on March 30 and 31 (plus individual mentoring provided by Sam Hemphill and Elyse Maberley). This one is by application and limited to eight founders.

Register for info sessions (evening & day time)

There are two info sessions about the program (free! catered! children welcome!) scheduled for next week at PathHunting.

Learn more about the program, how to get involved and meet others in the community. There will be daytime and evening launches, encouraging parents and those in the community to come along at times that are family-friendly.

Monday 25 Feb
10am – 11:30am

Tuesday 26 Feb
6pm – 7:30pm

What will be covered in Tech for Non-Tech Founders?

This program acknowledges the crucial importance of tech knowledge for all founders, regardless of product or service.

Yet, so many founders can feel locked out of its benefits or intimidated by the whole concept.

We will cover theory and practice and share how to best get set-up, improve your tech, empower yourself, engage with tech professionals and remove barriers to growth.

Subject areas include:

  • Popping the tech mystique – covering all the buzzwords and acronyms and where they fit.
  • Prototype, design, deliver and repeat – design tools, creation tools, digital creation deep dives.
  • Customers, markets and user experience – acquisition tools, tracking, analytics and growth.
  • Get social – no more platform overwhelm, play to your strengths.

The value of this program

  • Learn the jargon and put it in its place.
  • Know how to articulate your vision or idea and the best digital tool to get you there.
  • Demystify the things that can be a roadblock.
  • Hold your own when speaking to people in tech.
  • Know if and why to partner or share equity.

And so much more…

Who will love Tech for Non-Tech Founders?

Startups, creatives, makers, entrepreneurs and founders without a tech background.

From idea stage and beyond (in-market, ready to scale, seeking investment).

Anyone who has felt a little intimidated by tech and wants a friendly and empowering pathway into learning more.

The nitty-gritty

  • Cost: Masterclass attendance alone is valued at over $3000. Office hours and mentoring usually require investment of minimum $500 per session. Thanks to support from LaunchVic, PathHunting and Meeum, this program is provided free of charge to accepted applicants.
  • When: Office hours will be available for booking across March 2019. Masterclass will be held March 30 – 31.
  • Number of participants: Office hours are open to anyone who books in, so get in quick! Masterclass is limited to eight founders/businesses and is by application.
  • Location: PathHunting, Brunswick East.

Want some 1:1 advice? Book in for office hours!

Office hours will be open to anyone in the community who’d like a 20-minute session to talk through their current digital challenges with Meeum co-founder Sam Hemphill at the fabulous PathHunting space in Brunswick East.

Office hours registration will open after the info sessions.

Interested in the masterclass? Apply here!

To apply to be accepted to the first round of Tech for Non-Tech Founders, please fill out this application form.

Be assured, there are no wrong answers.

We need to know who will gain the most from these workshops. We have every intention of running this program again, so we fully intend that everyone who applies will get the opportunity to attend at some stage.

Apply here

About your Expert in Residence – Sam Hemphill

Sam HemphillSam’s is a passionate voice in the subject of digital upskill, code, tech-fluency and empowering entrepreneurs, whether they be in the big cities or further afield.

Through his work with Meeum, he has helped countless startups in Melbourne and regional Victoria, in Queensland, NSW, South Australia and the ACT, get to grips with the technology and web development areas of their businesses and enabled those businesses to flourish.

Sam’s digital career began over 15 years ago when he made the leap from musician and tour manager to full-time code guy. Since then, he has worked with some of the biggest names in Australia, including Qantas, Coles, News Limited, ANZ & Accenture. Sam has been teaching tech-related courses for more than 5 years and is known for his warm, approachable and engaging style.

He holds a Graduate Diploma in Creative Industries, Bachelor of Arts (Education), qualifications in music business and sound engineering and is certified by Vision Australia in Web Accessibility Techniques and Testing.

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