Code a Website in a Day

  • Build a multipage website over a day
  • Learn HTML & CSS, and how they work together
  • Learn and write code to create responsive (mobile friendly) websites
  • Use custom fonts to bring your website’s uniqueness to life
  • Insert images and learn techniques for SEO and Accessibility best practice
two women working on a computer

What’s in it for me?

Looking to become a professional web designer or developer? Or are you a small business owner who wants to be able to edit web content using Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify or any other Content Management System?

This one-day course teaches you the essential foundation skills you need.

Learn more than you ever thought possible in a day and you will be ready to take your new skills out into the wild.

What we’ll cover

At a glance:

  • The building blocks of the internet and how webpages work
  • Introduction to everything HTML and CSS
  • How to write code by hand and modify the code of existing websites
  • Learn how to build and design for all device types
  • All about adding images
  • Introduction to SEO and accessibility techniques
  • Linking and all its glory
  • Have the confidence to jump in and edit code in Squarespace, WordPress, Shopify, Big Commerce, Weebly and other programs
  • Just what is this ‘semantic code’ business?
  • Fine tune your CSS
  • Change the way your site looks across different devices (mobile and responsive design)
  • Get creative with typography by using custom fonts
  • In-depth code editing and writing
  • Advanced use of images in CSS
  • Learn how to get your site on the internet (go live)

Anything else I should know?

Nope, nada, nothing and zilch!

This course is made for anyone who wants to learn something new, and is geared for those who have zero experience coding.

An understanding of how computers generally work (installing software as well as opening and saving files) would be highly beneficial, but we’ll go through all that on the day anyway.

Who should do this workshop?

Business owners, creatives, hobbyists, bloggers, teachers, parents…..anyone who wants to learn to code and start their learning in the best way possible.

What should I bring?

Two of the most important things we need from our students is a positive attitude and a thirst for knowledge.  We can’t give these to you on the day – you must bring them with you.

As far as technical things: Bring a laptop (Mac, PC or Linux – it doesn’t matter!)

Make sure you have the following software installed:

Please also make sure you have admin rights on your computer – this means we can install things on the day and you’ll be able to save files to your hard drive.

If you’re using a computer from your employer, make sure you’ve got admin rights before you come along.

Testimonials for Code a Website in a Day

Thank you so much. It was a great opportunity for me to learn how coding works and what it is all about.
Great workshop.

I learnt how to create a website in a day and Sam was a great teacher!
Very informative training.

Sam went the extra mile to ensure everyone understood the topic.
Great intro to the world of coding.
Wonderful workshop, relaxed and fun.

Great to see someone like Sam who is talented and passionate.
Sam was awesome. Very engaging and patient.
I absolutely love the skills I learnt today!
I highly recommended to anyone who would like to hand-code websites, regardless of their coding level skills.
I went with no skills in CSS and the course provided a good foundation to build upon.

It taught me that it was not as complex as I thought.
The content was really good and Sam made it easy to understand!
I had some knowledge of HTML but nothing of CSS, finally understanding how the two really work together was fantastic!
I loved the hands-on nature of the workshop - for me it is the perfect way to learn something new.
Sam was fantastic and it was one of the best workshops I've done.

I'm excited to get started on my own website!
I had a fantastic day learning the basics of HTML and CSS with a great group and knowledgeable dynamic teacher!
I recommend this course, not only as the best example of teaching I have seen in a long time but also because you come out with a clear set of skills.
The teaching was outstanding, loved Sam's approach and learned more than I thought I could in a day.
It was really good. Sam de-mystified coding and made it accessible to a Luddite like me.

Frankly, that's amazing.
I just really loved the chance to explore something that I always thought I wasn’t smart enough to do.

Turns out? I totally have this.
Highly recommend to anyone wanting to understand coding for any aspect of their work.
Where to start! the content, the delivery, the relevancy, the lunch...

I enjoyed it so much, it was an empowering course for me to do.
I thought it might be a bit boring but it was presented in a fun and engaging way.

Thanks Sam, you are a terrific teacher.
I did the HTML CSS 1 day course and left with a really detailed and clear understanding of the basics of web design and development.
Wonderful class. I loved the pacing, the relaxed atmosphere where all questions were welcome. Invaluable.
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