Organisational Therapy

Meeum use human centred design principles and user experience methodologies in all outcomes we create. And this isn’t just about digital outcomes.

We work with organisations to define and improve their processes and better meet the needs of their audiences. We also help the people within the organisations work better together and have more fun while they’re doing it.

We help the unseen become seen and remove the roadblocks from transformation.

We are adept at identifying opportunities for human connectedness, efficiency, innovation and scale and translating these opportunities into digital products and processes.

We know how to consider digital and culture initiatives from the angles, benefiting not only staff and internal teams but also looking outwards to customers, audiences and markets.

Examples of organisational therapy work and its outcomes include:

  • Artists Roundtables and staff one-on-one sessions to get to the heart of an organisations purpose.
  • Workshops and one-on-one conversations about “how we do what we do” to help businesses define their processes and streamline the work they do.
  • Critical analysis of processes, systems and products to support organisational growth and sustainability.

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