A little bit about Sam and Elyse from Meeum

Elyse Maberley and Sam Hemphill sitting on a bench seat.

Digital literacy is our business

At Meeum, we believe that understanding technology is for everyone. Whether you want to know how to update your website or understand the steps to take to rank higher in Google, that knowledge should be accessible to all.

We are passionate about teaching foundational digital skills, teaching them well and giving you the confidence to take it where you want.

We don’t make things complicated when they can be easily understood. This is a world, a skill set and an opportunity that is open to everyone.

We’re ready to get you started.

Our clients say “Yes! I’ve got it, I understand, I can do this”.

Our values

  • Authentic
  • Credible
  • Meaningful
  • Approachable
  • Fun

Every business has values.

They are the words or pictures that help us make the right decision and do the right thing by our customers.

We learnt so much in our sessions and have been able to apply these skills directly to improving our business.
Easily the best investment we have made in up-skilling for our business. We highly recommend!!

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We believe you should know our values because this helps you make the call to come and learn with us. You’ll know if we’re the right crowd for you by whether you like our values.

Meeum’s founders

We are coders, teachers, musicians, parents, business owners, entrepreneurs, social justice veterans and former corporate leaders.

We have worked with big businesses and small, we have grown businesses and toured rock stars. We have studied and we have toiled. We have travelled and we have nurtured families and communities.

You get it, we’re just like you.

Elyse Maberley

Founder Initiator Curator Booker

Elyse Maberley

Over two decades, Elyse has navigated a path from community to corporate and from culture change to code.

Prior to Meeum, Elyse founded a culture change consultancy and played a leading role in growing a small UX business to acquisition status.

Elyse has a unique set of skills and capabilities, including sociology and creative industries degrees, as well as previously holding several senior executive roles.

Elyse is an ardent advocate for the inclusion of women and girls in tech roles and committed in her responsibility to drive for more diversity in the tech world.

You can read more about Elyse or connect with her on LinkedIn or email.

Sam Hemphill

Founder Teacher Coder Speaker

Sam HemphillSam’s coding career began over 10 years ago when he made the leap from musician and tour manager to full time code guy.

Since this time, he has worked with some of the biggest names in Australia, including Qantas, Coles, News Limited, ANZ, EPA & Accenture.

More than creating great code for some seriously big (and fantastic little) companies, Sam has fought the good fight for years when it comes to making the complex easily understood and promoting harmony across technical and design teams.

Sam’s is a passionate voice in the subject of teaching code and this shows in the lovely words our students have to say about us.

Sam holds postgraduate qualifications in IT as well as qualifications in teaching, music business and sound engineering.

Read more about Sam or feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn or email him if you have any questions about the workshops, or just feel like saying hi.

What makes Meeum different

We help enhance your digital literacy by providing teaching and advice without the ego, with clarity and a strong sense of purpose. Most importantly, we share how fun and rewarding gaining tech skills can be.

We mean what we say and we know what we are talking about. This is why you will hit the ground running after you come and learn with us.

Yes, technology can be scary and parts of it are really hard, but trust us (and the hundreds of previous students who have told us) that we teach in such a way that you’ll leave the room with far more knowledge and confidence than you thought possible.

One of our business values is to be accessible. That means we come to you. We do the capital city thing, but we also come to the small towns too.  Let us know if you’d like us to organise a workshop in your town.

Handmade by you

When we say we believe technology is for everyone, we mean it.

The ability to learn to code, run your own SEO or anything else in the digital sphere should not depend on whether you live in the big cities or have the fanciest computer.

You see there really is zero barrier to entry. It should not cost a lot of time or money to get started.

You don’t need expensive hardware, and much of the software is free.

Anyone can do this.

#StartSomething and get in touch.