A little bit about us

Website in a Day

I want to be a developer now. Thanks Sam 🙂
I’ll be back for sure

Jamie F

Our mission

At meeum, we believe that technology is for everyone. Our mission is getting you started in coding in the best possible way.

The way that makes you go “Yes! I’ve got it, I understand, I can do this”. We know we are making this happen because you tell us so.

Our values

  • Authentic
  • Credible
  • Meaningful
  • Accessible
  • Fun

Every business has values.

They are the words or pictures that help us make the right decision and do the right thing by our customers.

We believe you should know our values because this helps you make the call to come and learn with us. You’ll know if we’re the right crowd for you by whether you like our values.

It was a great introductory class to Html & CSS.

Angelina K

Our founders

We are coders, teachers, musicians, parents, business owners, entrepreneurs, social justice veterans and former corporate leaders.

We have worked with big businesses and small, we have grown businesses and toured rock stars. We have studied and we have toiled. We have travelled and we have nurtured families and communities.

You get it, we’re just like you.

Sam Hemphill

Teacher Coder Speaker

Sam Hemphill
Sam’s coding career began over 10 years ago when he made the leap from musician and tour manager to full time code guy.

Since this time, he has worked with some of the biggest names in Australia, including Qantas, Coles, News Limited, ANZ & VicHealth.

More than creating great code for some seriously big (and fantastic little) companies, Sam has fought the good fight for years when it comes to making the complex easily understood and promoting harmony across technical and design teams.

Sam’s is a passionate voice in the subject of teaching code and this shows in the lovely words our students have to say about us.

Sam holds post graduate qualifications in IT as well as qualifications in teaching, music business and sound engineering.

Elyse Maberley

Initiator Curator Booker

Elyse Maberley
After working in the not-for-profit and social justice sectors in Brisbane, Elyse completed her Masters in Creative Industries, working for Accenture as a Content Design Manager and shortly relocating to Sydney to work as a Project Manager for Australia’s pioneering experience design consultancy, Different.

After realising her passion for building small businesses to become something much larger, Elyse took her skills to Melbourne where she worked as GM to grow a small UX consultancy that was later acquired for over $14M.

Having experience building and growing companies, including her own, Elyse knows what it means to take a leap into the unknown – something that resonates with our students!

Elyse is your person to talk to about bookings, venues and classes.