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Sam Hemphill and Elyse Maberley from Meeum

Meeum – what’s our jam?

Meeum are advisers, mentors, and creative technologists.

We empower businesses, arts organisations, and communities in all things digital and organisational culture.

Since 2017 our unique combination of organisational therapy and digital strategy has been helping organisations and the people within them thrive.

Working with Meeum

We can articulate a vision, create momentum, and get meaningful projects underway swiftly.

Our team is experienced in building and prototyping digital products, programs, and services.

We know the importance of building rapport early and how to faithfully deliver outcomes of value.

We are skilled facilitators and technologists who build in culturally safe and appropriate practices in all the work we do.

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Recent testimonials

The teaching was outstanding, loved Sam's approach and learned more than I thought I could in a day. The balance between covering the fundamentals and more complex topics was brilliant.

Pace was swift, but I never felt like I was falling behind. Sam was very adept in keeping everyone on the same page. I felt like I gained a lot of information on the day but also felt comfortable knowing I could revise the notes after the workshop.

I want to reiterate here how powerful your course was for us. It was totally amazing, and I personally will love watching you and Elyse grow your company.

My business partner and I are both time poor as we have our other businesses to contend with during the day. The knowledge we gained from you has just seriously lifted the lid off in what we were doing.

We learnt so much in our sessions, and have been able to apply these skills directly to improving our business.

Easily the best investment we have made in up-skilling for our business. We highly recommend!!

We're in good company!

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