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Learning to code isn’t always about becoming a coder

I want to reiterate here how powerful your course was for us. It was totally amazing, and I personally will love watching you and Elyse grow your company.

My business partner and I are both time poor as we have our own businesses to contend with during the day. For us a timesaver such as Wix, coupled with the knowledge we gained from you has just seriously lifted the lid off in what we were doing.

Karen (Business Owner)

I used to look at HTML and CSS and feel confused and overwhelmed, now I see possibility.

I was immediately able to transform a non-responsive and visually outdated page into an on-brand, modern template that looks great on desktop and mobile.

I couldn’t have done this without your course, thank you.

Mel F (Digital Marketer)

Seriously so helpful. The course was really thorough, easy to understand and the presenter’s definitions and contextual explanations / metaphors really helped me internalise the content.

I did the HTML CSS 1 day course and left with a really detailed and clear understanding of the basics of web design and development. I now have the tools to build websites free from restrictions! Thanks Meeum!

Juan M (Digital Optimisation Strategist)

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