How to do your own SEO

$1,760.00 (inc GST)

Meeum’s How to do your own SEO online workshop will teach you and your team the fundamentals of SEO in just four hours, broken up into 2 x 2 hour sessions.

Every participant will have lifetime access to the video of the session, a free copy of our SEO for Australian Small Business eBook, as well as membership to our private Meeum Alumni Facebook group.

  • Understand and research what your prospective clients and customers are searching for.
  • Learn how to optimise your content for greater User Experience (UX) and excellent SEO.
  • Learn techniques for getting high-quality links to your website.
  • Learn how to test and update technical aspects of your site that your competitors probably don’t know about.

You know you need SEO, but what is it, really?

Accessible, entertaining and insightful, “How to do your own SEO” will put you on track to increase your rankings, and ultimately, your sales. 

We’ll show you proved techniques that will rank your website higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo, or any other search engine.

You’ll learn how SEO works, from keywords to link building, as well as technical techniques your competitors probably aren’t using.

We’ll guide you through the jargon and explain SEO in a user-friendly way so you can leave the workshop empowered by your new knowledge.

What will I learn?

How to do your own SEO” is an introduction to a huge field. The point of the workshop is to empower you with knowledge and skills.

From there, you have a rock-solid base to build on as you learn which parts you want to do yourself, and which parts you may want to outsource.

We’ll guide you step by step through the process of keyword research, link building, website optimisation and much more.

You’ll gain skills and expertise to get started on your new SEO strategy straight away.

Whether your site is hand-coded or built using a builder like Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, Shopify, or something else, it doesn’t matter. 

The tools, techniques and strategies we use are all the same across every web platform.

Who will love this SEO workshop?

Startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners who need to generate more traffic to their site, as well as those that are not converting traffic into leads or sales are all served greatly by this course.

Professionals, such as Digital Marketers, Copyrighters, Social Media Managers, Designers and Developers also benefit from this class.

We’ve presented this workshop to hundreds of businesses and professionals around Australia. Over those workshops, we have consistently received 5 star ratings on Facebook, Google or our own surveys.

Whether you’re keen to get your hands dirty with SEO or want to hire someone to help you do it – this workshop will give you the confidence to do both.

What’s included in the “How to do your own SEO” package?

  • Worskhops are 2 x 2 hour sessions – you choose the times most suitable for you and your team
  • Up to 10 attendees are permitted (your choice – bring your team or keep it as a 1-on-1)
  • Online workshops will be held over Zoom (you’ll receive a meeting invite with URL as soon as you confirm your booking)
  • All attendees will have lifetime access to the recording of the workshop
  • All attendees will receive a free copy of our SEO for Australian Small Business eBook (valued at $19)
  • All attendees will also gain access to our private Meeum Alumni Facebook group, full of people just like you – asking and answering questions around SEO, digital marketing, coding, design and business
  • All prices include GST.

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Testimonials for How to do your own SEO

This was an awesome intro to SEO.

It was well structured and well-paced, with an open and friendly
atmosphere that made learning enjoyable.

Only one word…


This was a great intro and gave me tons to think about.

This was my second Meeum course.

Like the first, I found it fun, engaging and motivating.

This was exactly the workshop I needed for understanding the
fundamentals of SEO and how this applies to website design.

Great session with relevant content.

Covered a lot of things that are relevant to what I need and what I
was looking for.

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