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In recognition of the thousands of businesses and individuals who are experiencing hardship at the moment, you can now pay what you can for our SEO for Australian Small Business book.

Pay what you can – with a minimum of $5.

Every little thing anyone can do to support, encourage or inspire someone else in this crisis is necessary.

This is our small gesture.

Why have we decided on a “name your price” / “pay what you can” model?

We have built our business on “impact first“. From the very beginning, our goal has always been to share knowledge with as many people as possible. To ‘democratise’ technical & digital know-how. To help to create a more level playing field. To make the complex more easily understood and ultimately to enable new businesses to start and existing ones to flourish.

While every business needs to be profitable, we believe that purpose comes first, and that will lead to profit. This strategy (if you can call it that) has worked for us since we started Meeum in 2017.

We have been more fortunate than many through this pandemic.  We still have a business and we can still operate. 
This is our small gesture to give back and acknowledge that there is a lot less to go around at the moment for most of us.

Why have we set a minimum price of $5?

Why not just give the book away?

Great question.

The simple answer is because the book is worth something. It’s actually worth a lot. And generally speaking, free things don’t get used.

It has been $19 since its release earlier this year, and hundreds of people have happily paid that. We often receive emails from customers saying they can’t believe how much valuable information is in the book for such a low price. And you can still pay $19 if you like. You can pay more than $19 too.

But the important thing is that you can also pay $5.

And if $5 is more than you can afford, then get in touch and we’ll email you a free copy. No questions asked.

What if people take advantage and pay less than the book is worth?

If you’re a multi-million dollar magnate who likes the sound of this book and you choose to pay $5 for it, then that’s your problem, not ours.

We’re all in this together

There are businesses who have been closed for months, and if this book can help them bounce back, then a small part of our job is being done.

A lot of businesses can no longer afford to outsource digital work. SEO is one of the many areas that business owners are now taking on themselves.

We happen to be able to help in this area, so we are.

Everyone has their part to play.  Everyone can be doing their bit to help out everyone else.

We are all in this together.

Check out SEO for Australian Small Business and feel free to pay what you like.

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