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Facebook keep doing things with algorithms and other things.

Quite frankly I’m a little tired of it.

A little while back, Zuck made another ‘tweak’ to the ‘algorithm’ so that business pages won’t get as much prominence as they used to. I’m totally ok with that, and to be perfectly honest, I reckon my personal feed has gotten a little more interesting because of the change.

I can now see all my friends off in faraway places having fun, and slightly fewer ads of the weird thing I was just talking about that then manifests itself as an ad in my Facebook feed.

Having said that, there are of course a few companies that I do still want to be noticeable in my feed. At the top of list is, you guess it, Meeum.

First things first… Do you follow Meeum on Facebook? If not, you really should. We are at Go and sort that out now. I’ll wait.

To make sure the businesses you want to hear from are still prominent in your feed, you just have to do a couple of clicks.

Step 1: Go to their Facebook page (eg: Meeum)

Step 2: Click the “Following” button and under “IN YOUR NEWS FEED” select “See First”.

Under “NOTIFICATIONS”, select “All on”.

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Step 3: Rejoice, for your favoured business will now be more prominent in your feed so you won’t miss an article.

Clearly, we’d love you to do that for the Meeum Facebook page, but this obviously works for any business page on Facebook.

For me, I went through and had a look at all the pages I’d liked on Facebook, and changed the setting on a few. For many of the pages there, I actually went and unliked them as I’d forgotten why I had ‘liked’ them in the first place. Don’t do that to Meeum, obviously.

Meeum’s for liking.

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