Tech for Non-Tech Founders

As a founder, you are your business’s most valuable asset.

Tech is a necessary piece of the puzzle to help you get where you want to be.

The Tech for Non-Tech Founders program is designed to support creatives, makers, small business, entrepreneurs and founders to make the most of tech and digital in their business.

In a friendly, welcoming and inclusive environment you will be supported to learn and grow your digital and technical fluency.

From browsers to branding, MVP to analytics, social media to website builders, this program will be a game-changer for your business.

No tech co-founder required.

Non-technical business owners can feel on the back foot when it comes to launching and scaling business.

We’ve developed a program to change that.

What is covered in Tech for Non-Tech Founders?

This program acknowledges the crucial importance of technical and digital knowledge for all businesses, regardless of product or service.

Yet, so many business owners can feel locked out of its benefits or intimidated by the whole concept.

We will cover theory and practice and share how to:

  • Get technically and digitally setup for success.
  • Improve your technical & digital literacy.
  • Empower yourself.
  • Engage with tech professionals.
  • Remove barriers to growth.

We understand how hard and expensive it can be when you’re a startup and you’re bootstrapping the whole thing yourself. Every tool we cover is either free or very low cost.

Getting you up to speed with digital and tech in your business

Website builders

  • Are ‘drag and drop’ tools like Squarespace, Wix and Shopify good or bad? And why?
  • Should I use Shopify or Squarespace?
  • Is WordPress worth the hassle?
  • Should I just learn to hand-code the whole thing myself?

Design and User Experience

Having a coherent and meaningful online presence is imperative. We’ll guide you through such topics as setting up style guides, branding guidelines and the like.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is the most cost-effective way to get your message to the masses. We’ll run you through the basics and explain how SEO works, with solid techniques that you can use to improve your SEO immediately.

Tech tools, tricks and tips

From Customer Relationship Management tools to email marketing, we’ll help steer you through what can be confusing territory.

We’ll look at a bunch of (mostly free) content creation tools that will give you professional images, video and other assets in minutes.

Social media and how it works for business (and when it doesn’t)

The major players in the social media landscape can benefit your business greatly. We’ll show you tools and techniques to make the most of these services. Does you business need a Facebook page, as well as Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn?

Online advertising

While Google Ads and advertising on Facebook can be lucrative, they can also be intimidating. We’ll guide you through the terminology and advise on best practice to maximise benefits at minimum cost.

Measuring success with analytics

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.”

There are so many free tools you can use to measure your success, including online analytics and heat mapping software. We'll show you how to utilise these tools and explain what the data means.

Let's take your business decisions from "We think..." to "We know..."

And so much more…

Other topics we cover in Tech for Non-Tech Founders:

  • Customer Experience and User Experience - what the difference is and why it matters.
  • What an API is and how they can help your business.
  • How the SaaS revolution might affect your business.
  • What MVP means and why the concept and the thinking around them will help you be profitable earlier.
  • What is user testing, why it's so significant to new businesses and how to do it well.
  • Why wireframes, style guides and branding are so valuable to gain and keep customer trust.
  • How to use remarketing, retargeting and tracking scripts to drive your marketing spend further.
  • Quizzes in each section to support and solidify learning outcomes.

All of the above is delivered in one full day or spread over multiple days if that better suits your situation.

Who will love Tech for Non-Tech Founders?

  • Startups, creatives, makers, artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and founders who want to make the most of tech in their business.
  • From idea stage and beyond (in-market, ready to scale, seeking investment).
  • Anyone who has felt a little intimidated by tech and wants a friendly and empowering pathway into learning more.

Book Tech for Non-Tech Founders training for your business

Tech for Non-Tech Founders can be run as a single day program, or we can deliver over a number of days.

We can deliver this program live or online.

We are happy to travel for any live delivery. Travel costs may apply.

Get in touch to discuss the needs of you and your team or submit the following form:

Testimonials for Tech for Non-Tech Founders

The content we covered in such a short time was impressive.All of this info will be gold!

Startup Founder,


The whole feel of the course made for a very special and positive
atmosphere to learn!THANK YOU : )

Small Business Owner,


Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge in this area, I
am very grateful

Giovanna Phillips
Startup Founder,


You rocked my non-technical socks off.

Caleb Rixon
Founder, Genyus Network


The course was led by great teaching and covered an excellent,
relevant range of subjects.

Simon Winkler
Radio Presenter, Triple



I appreciate the width of topics, due to the huge amount of things I
need to look at.I understand better now key areas where I want to go deeper.

Business Owner,


Gaining this technical understanding has rebooted my confidence and

Neroli Betts
Business Owner, Dandy N


I feel empowered with useful information relating to SEO, content
creation, and social media marketing.

Startup Founder,


I got exactly what I was expecting from the course in terms of
content and delivered in an easily accessible way.

Chris F
Startup Founder,


Complex content was simplified very well.

Startup Founder,


Sam does a great job explaining topics that may be quite new in an
understandable, interactive manner to a group from a diverse range
of backgrounds.

Startup Founder,


Engaging, easily understandable, and informative.



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