Unlocking Success: How Charlie Transformed Client Relationships and Conversions Through Learning Code

Charlie from DRM
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Charlie is a Media Buyer for Direct Response Media (DRM) and recently attended Meeum’s three-hour How To Code a Website workshop.

DRM is a performance advertising agency, providing direct response marketing and advertising to increase lead generation. Their clients range across services such as travel, finance, banking, legal and medical.

Charlie’s clients require her to work with web teams and she knew she needed to learn the basics of web development. When she saw an ad for Meeum’s Fundamentals workshop, she signed up immediately.

Charlie was open with us when telling us that her initial expectations were that the workshop would be dry and not terribly engaging. She was pleasantly surprised by the interactive and stimulating nature of the workshop.

“I really liked it, I didn’t get bored. I thought it would be dry, but Sam’s teaching was so fun!”

Soon after the workshop, Charlie was able to use the skills she learned to improve outcomes for her client. Having gained a lot of the terms around web development, Charlie found herself being able to effectively communicate with the web teams of her clients, in a language everyone could now understand.

As she explains, “I was working for one of our legal clients and providing feedback on the designs. I suggested that they (the web team) could make a change to improve the design. They said it couldn’t be done, but I knew it could! I knew what changes were possible.”

For the record, those changes that Charlie managed to push through helped up conversions from 7% to 23% for that customer.

And that’s just in one month. Without that basis of code knowledge, Charlie might not have insisted on the design change and the client wouldn’t now be swimming in nearly as many conversions.

In addition, Charlie explained that it was so helpful for her to understand acronyms and to know the terminology of websites and web development. She has already has plans to build her partner’s plumbing website.

“I had no idea until the workshop with you guys that everything I needed to code is free. I didn’t need expensive software, I could just start”.

Thanks Charlie – we’re stoked you got so much from three hours. It’s why we do what we do.

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