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In the world of website production, HTML is an important language to grasp.

It is at the heart of every website ever built, and it’s crucial to be able to understand it if you work in digital or are an entrepreneur or business owner.

Even if you’re dragging and dropping in Squarespace or Shopify, having some HTML under your belt is going to go a long way.

We published an article a little while back explaining some of the ins and outs of HTML. The article was shared around quite a bit and we received some great feedback on it.

So now we figured we’d do up a little quiz so you could have a crack at some questions.

Feel like testing your HTML knowledge?

Anyone who’s completed any of our coding workshops (yes, even our three-hour How To Code a Website) could answer these with their eyes closed!

Keen to know more? Check out some of our upcoming workshops below the quiz.

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