With Meeum’s hands-on workshops, you’ll be up and running with the basics in no time.

Our workshops don’t teach quick and dirty methods. We start at the very beginning and explain concepts in an easy to understand way.

All of our content and teaching is based on best practice in the industry.

Our primary code focus is on HTML and CSS development, which are the building blocks of the internet. We also cover SEO and important concepts and guidelines such as User Experience (UX) and Web Accessibility.

We guarantee you’ll learn more than you ever expected and have the confidence to take that next step – whatever it may be!

Learning the Meeum way

  • No prior knowledge or study required – just rock up!
  • Fun and relaxed environment
  • Learn the jargon and put it in it’s place
  • Understand the tools for the job and how to use them
  • Build your confidence
  • Encouraging and supportive teachers
  • Learn modern techniques, relevant for today
  • Get a taste and take the next step in your own time
  • Learn how to build and design for all device types
  • Access to the best resources – we’ve done the hard yards for you
  • Learn how to hand code, from scratch – go beyond copy & paste
  • Content and the way we teach it is of the highest standards
  • Everything you learn / see / do in class, you can take away with you
  • Small class size
  • Tax deductability

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